Beauty Papers.
A creative biannual examining the culture of beauty.


Peddlers of false hopes, rulers, religions and pornographers have all subverted beauty to serve their own purposes: control, conformity, fear and formula. Without freedom, emotion and creativity, there is no beauty, and we reject oppressive and suffocating cultures and the concept of the singular beauty ideal.

We asked ourselves… what if?

“The idea for a new kind of beauty magazine was something I had sat with for a while. Frustrated by the lack of diversity in the beauty industry and the dangerous message of ‘one ideal fits all’, I felt there was a real need to voice this and create a different narrative. So, while talking with Valerie on the last train home from Paris one fashion week, we found common ground in our observations of and passion for beauty and asked ourselves, ‘What if?’ And the idea for Beauty Papers was born.”

Maxine Leonard

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