Beauty Papers Artefact No.1

Maggi Hambling The Night — Silver Sleeper
Launches at Pearl Lam Galleries on 27th March 2024
during Art Basel Hong Kong

The artist’s first sculptures in solid silver,  3 x works of art each titled Silver Sleeper

A sculptural journey of physicality, making marks, of spit and polish, redefining the territories and rituals of beauty. Working with Beauty Papers, Hambling has created the sculptures which resonate with the sense of touch that is central to her practice, starting each day with an ink drawing. Drawing parallels between the deep blue of the ink and the mascara she wears to confront the world, each of the Silver Sleeper sculptures convey the lightness of clouds in the solidity of precious metal and act as a receptacle for the dark inky lash paint that mirrors the night sky.

These unique works of art are on show at Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong
from 27th March until 16th May during Art Basel Hong Kong.

For enquiries please visit Pearl Lam Galleries

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