09.27.65. Thom Browne’s Vetyver

“I think that there’s such confidence in someone who adopts a uniform for themselves." The subversive fashion designer discusses his new collection of exquisite fragrances.

Jameela by Sharif Hamza

“Growing up in London, obsessed with magazines, I had always longed to see faces like mine and my sister’s printed on pages..."

Pictures of the Floating World

Chiao-Li Hsu paints models in the mode of Ukiyo-e traditional Japanese woodblocks.

The Mask We Wear by Serena Becker

"I feel society prizes strength over gentleness, and there is no place for vulnerability or self-doubt. We can often be alone in our mask."

Tim Walker’s Wonderful Things

Celebrating the opening of the photographer's extraordinary exhibition at The V&A, we interview curator Susanna Brown and set designer Shona Heath.

Teiji Utsumi

"Nowadays we Chinese and Japanese are getting closer as countries. We're exchanging culture, fashion, music... traditional and modern."

London Beauty Week: Haircuts4Homeless

Hero and founder of Haircuts4Homeless Stuart Roberts teamed up with Johnnie Sapong, Adam Reed, Leigh Keates and Neil Moodie cutting up a storm.

Looking Forward in a Backwards Time

From the Beauty Papers archives: Photographer Roe Ethridge and hair stylist James Pecis for Issue Three.

The Ceremony of Hair

Hairstyles aren't just there to enliven every day. Photographer Julia Hetta and hair stylist Rudi Lewis explore the ceremony of hair. 

Kiki by Stéphane Marais

The makeup maestro picks his polaroid camera back up to capture his new muse for Issue Seven GLAMOUR.

Sixth Position

Edward Watson, principal dancer for the Royal Ballet. Captured in movement by Laurence Ellis from the Beauty Papers archives.

Painting the Face of Marie Antoinette

"Marie Antoinette was a product of grotesque inequalities, but she was also a woman with no power, an innocent lamb heading towards inevitable slaughter."