Elinor Carucci: Closer

What defines fine art photography from an every day image on social media? Photographer Elinor Carucci gets closer and captures emotion, drama, sensuality and vanity.

Beauty Portfolio: Physicality

"The story is about textures in make-up in a rough way. A personal vision on the contrasts of materials and skin. Something emotional, raw, strong.

Jenne of Arc: Legendary Fashion

Jenne Osterhoudt is a collector and founder of The Arc: an archive of incredible fashion. Beauty Papers takes a trip back to the 90's.

Sue Kreitzman’s Beautiful Life

Sue Kreitzman has many technicoloured strings to her tchotchke encrusted bow. The almost-octogenarian artist writes a slice of her beauty memoirs.

Into The White

Marianna Sanvito journeys into the white with Matilde and Angelica. A subtle and sensitive study revealing a rare beauty that goes beyond blond.

Backstage at Charles Jeffrey SS20

“Incandescent, Cerebral, Bold.” These are the three words Charles Jeffrey chooses that distill his new collection. And the beauty? “Aggressive, Painterly, Free."

Project Ocean 2019

Selfridges celebrates World Oceans Day with “Project Ocean Beauty Booth” showcasing a hand-picked edit of beauty products designed to help us reduce, reuse and recycle.

Tomi Kono’s Wig Out

Achok: Gucci’s Beautiful Muse

Sophie by Camille Vivier. Interview with a Bodybuilder

Poly Styrene: Non Recyclable Plastic

Power Dressing with Martha Posner