Elinor Carucci: Closer

Art photographers like Nan Goldin and Sally Mann, who have consistently and vigorously photographed their ever day lives, can perhaps be viewed as narcissists.  But we now live in the age of the internet in which everyone has a platform for self-revelation and which therefore provokes the question: what defines fine art photography from an every day image on social media? With this extreme close-up by Israeli-born photographer Elinor Carucci, mostly known for taking unflinchingly intimate portraits of her family, we can see how a simple, yet extreme close-up can go beyond the realms of mediocre, contemporary self-exposure and into a much deeper realm of emotion, drama, sensuality and, indeed, vanity.


Elinor Carucci’s intimate photopraphic studies of family life, most notably those of her own mother, are poignant reminders of the glamour that is all around us, in every waking moment.

Published in Beauty Papers Issue Seven available here