Issue Four Sølve Sundsbø



Issue 4 chews all of this up and spits it out in devotion to ETIQUETTE.

Through wit, curiosity and help of collaborators, we question the customs that have been implemented over centuries and explore the communal rules embedded among us. The customs we are persistently forced to obey in the hope we will achieve a flawless societal end. As we speak to Francois Nars and Odile Gilbert, we exposed the ugly demands of our digital age, and prove the elitist rituals of eras past are be not so pretty in the cold day of light.

Extraordinary images from Julia Hetta and Rudi Lewis reveals the curiosities of etiquette, highlighting the beauty found in ceremony and navigation. Elliot Erwitt celebrates social and antisocial graces through a series of photographs on an eclectic cast of artists on the streets of New York, emphasising the freedom that plays part in our lives when etiquette is abandoned in history. Contrastingly, Jennifer Clements exposes the etiquette surrounding downtown New York present amongst the gritty streets and raucous clubs.

We provide no answers and there is no conclusion. But one thing we know – you are who you are when no one’s looking.

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