Under the Spotlight

Voluntarily baring your face to artificial light may not sound like an effective way to look after your skin. After all, most of us associate light to skin exposure with UV tanning-beds, a harmful process that poses major risks towards your wellbeing. 

Words MILA EMBURY Photography

Yet, if you eliminate the UV quality of the light, the risks of ageing and skin damage is removed, culminating in a light which has the ability to improve and prevent a multitude of skin ailments. As a result, LED Light Therapy has become a hit amongst those searching for fresh ways to achieve a healthy, glowing appearance.

With brands such as Neutrogena creating ‘Light Therapy Masks’ for at home use, alongside ‘The Light Salon’, (the service that Princess Eugenie used to achieve her wedding glow), launching their own version, the ‘Boost LED mask’ this March. Despite the mask’s slightly unnerving appearance,  it has already been seen on Alexa Chung via her Instagram. It is clear that LED is set to be the latest way to light up your skincare regime this 2019. An expert who swears by the transformative power of light is Andrea Pfeffer, the skin health alchemist and founder of Pfeffer Sal. The ‘cutting-edge’ London clinic is known for using LED within their treatments since the business was established in 2015, as an add on to other facials or on it’s own as part of their ‘Under the Light’ therapy.

LED Light Therapy has become a hit amongst those searching for fresh ways to achieve a healthy, glowing appearance.

The magic trick to LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) marvellous results is the light’s colour, as the variations have alternating effects on the skin. Pfeffer Sal’s LED treatment uses red and blue, the most frequently used colours within the light therapy industry, with blue being hailed as the light responsible for killing acne causing bacteria. Red light on the other hand is responsible for soothing the skin and ultimately reducing inflammation. This combination of properties from the two colours make them an unstoppable force for clearing acne.

If combatting spotty skin wasn’t enough, the UV-free LED light also claims to revitalise skin cells and stimulate collagen production. Due to the non-invasive quality of the treatment it is especially suitable for those with rosacea or sensitive skin. Instead of leaving the spa with a face flushed with red, a common result of traditional facials, light therapy allows you to go straight from the treatment room to any occasion with unblemished, healthy skin.

Pfeffer Sal: The Stables, 10B Warren Mews, Fitzrovia, London W1T 6BY.
Make up: Loni Baur
Model: Leanne @m4-models