The Invisibles by Jermaine Francis

“I didn’t enjoy making this project” Jermaine Francis says about the powerful images he has photographed of tents serving a temporary homeless shelters across British cities. The project, originally shot for i-D magazine is now being presented at Protein Studios as an exhibition alongside a print auction to raise money for Shelter. Artists who have donated prints include Mel Bles, Derek Ridgers and Lisa Butler.


“About a year ago, I began noticing tents popping up around the urban landscape. I already knew that homelessness had increased and increased everywhere, not just in London — but the tents cemented it. Research from Shelter has revealed that there are about 300,000 homeless people in the UK, an increase of 13,000 in the past year alone. This means that one in every 200 people in Britain are homeless. If you add in those who are unrecorded, or sleeping two and three to one tent, that number is even higher.”

“It felt strange seeing so many homeless people living in tents here in Britain; we are the fifth largest economy in the world. This is a place that’s supposed to be able to help the most vulnerable in our society. I decided to document them.”

ARTIST PRINTS FROM TOP LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT: Tara Darby, Mel Bless, Vinca Petersen Print from No System, Matthew Finn, Lola & Pani, Jacob Sutton, Clare Shilland, Arno c/o Beauty Papers. See all prints here.

The Invisibles opens Wednesday 23 October at Protein Studios, 6-9pm.