Staggeringly Beautiful Perfumes

“There’s a whole school now that says that the scent must be faint. This is ridiculous. I’m speaking from the experience of a lifetime. I always carry purse scent – that way I’m never without it. Do you notice any scent on me now? Don’t come any closer – if you have to sniff like a hound, it’s not enough!” – Diana Vreeland, from her autobiography D.V.


The legend Diana Vreeland was mad about many things. “Oh I am mad about armour. Mad about it. I love the way that it’s put together.” Rouge, water, freckles, red. “Chutney is marvelous. I’m mad about it. To me, it’s very imperial.One of her greatest obsessions (besides The Ballet Russes) was scent. Diana Vreeland Parfums are a bold and beautiful tribute to the eternal Empress of Fashion.

“She had potpourri in certain places and she had these porcelain bowls filled with sand with incense burning, and then she had these white teflon-y things that she put on top of light bulbs that she dropped fragrance oils into. I think they’re probably illegal now, because they probably blew up or something. And then she also had room spray, and candles, she was very big on scented candles, so she had a couple of scented candles burning, and on top of all of this, she had a hypodermic needle and she used to inject fragrance into the cushions. All of that was going on, and her house was covered in flowers, and it was never a case of a bouquet or a little arrangement, it was always dozens of different types of flowers that were just magnificent in vases… a huge outpouring of flowers.” Alexander Vreeland remembers visits to his grandmother Diana’s apartment – the infamous red lacquered Garden in Hell. (Read the full story here.)

This spirit of abundance and opulence is stoppered in a series of jewel coloured Brosse bottles, with perfumes and titles inspired by Diana’s life, work and iconoclastic style. Simply Divine! Smashingly Brilliant! Full Gallop! You couldn’t possibly read their names without talking in italics. Why don’t you?

Diana Vreeland perfumes are available at Harrods