Passport by Gáspár Riskó

“In the cage of an abstraction, / I, an ape, jump up and down, / bare my teeth in malediction, / for I have no faith or fiction, / in the terror of His frown” – Attila József, Kiáltozás (The Scream), 1936. Passport is an exhibition of Gáspár Riskó’s most recent photographic works, edited from a series of 1205 self-portraits. The images have been imposingly blown up, deformed and faded by a controlled data overload. Passport showcases a cycle of emotions ranging from dread to irreverence, forming an unsparing rendering of societal alienation.


Passport by Gáspár Riskó runs 2 – 8 October, 12 – 7pm at 121 Sydney Street, Chelsea, SW3 6NR