The New Order: Selfridges' Digital Makeover

“For The New Order campaign, I imagined a photo booth from a near future in which technological progress has enabled people to wear 3D make-up in real life.” 3D artist Ines Alpha gives Selfridges a digital makeover. The New Order is Selfridges’ forecast of the digital led, new-gen retail experience of the future.

Digital Artwork

How does your work represent your vision for the future of beauty?
By combining my two favourite things in this world – make-up and 3D design – I began to create make-up from the future. I consider my work to be an exaggeration of people’s desire to augment themselves with social media filters and advanced make-up techniques. For now, it’s just an art project, but I hope there will soon be 3D make-up collections to download and that people will start to question themselves about their perceptions of beauty.

How do you see the industry changing the way they create and present beauty products in this new digital age?
In today’s, and more importantly, tomorrow’s society, people are expressing an ever-growing desire to transform themselves through social media filters, advanced make-up techniques or plastic surgery. They will need more tools to help them express their personality in the future, so beauty brands need to develop new products and images to satisfy this demand – and digital tools might be a good way to achieve that goal.

The New Order at Selfridges launches today