Karl Plewka continues his Beauty Odyssey out of the frying pan and into the fire of HEAT by 111CRYO: “The world’s first Dynamic Dry Heat and Infrared Sauna wellness pod.”


In Ken Russell’s 1980 film of Paddy Chayefsky’s novel Altered States we are bombarded by surreal images, some depicting characters transforming into burning hot, infrared silhouettes, in a story that attempts to recreate the 1970s fascination with research into sensory deprivation—often conducted in isolation tanks and under the influence of psychoactive drugs. In fact the lead character, Edward Jessup, begins experimenting with a flotation tank which leads to him beginning to think that our other states of consciousness are as real as our waking states.

Whilst HEAT the innovative new treatment from 111CRYO  is not going to generate any hallucinatory state of heightened consciousness it is rather like the space-age flotation tank of AS and is the worlds first personal, dry heat infrared sauna body pod.  The HEAT pod allows user to select from 22 pre-set programmes and benefits include; detoxification of cholesterol, heavy metals and other toxins from the sweat produced; increased blood circulation to reduce post-exercise recovery time; reductions in inflammation, joint and muscle pain; a boost in metabolism to promotes weight loss and, with regular use, it can stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The HEAT pod features dual vibration transducers that provide high and low intensity massage during most of the programmes and in the fitness programme the pod allows the user to perform high-intensity interval exercise using resistance bands.  Other features include an aroma system that dispenses essential oils to heighten the experience and affect the mood of the user as scented air flows over the body and face.

HEAT sessions last on average 30 minutes and can be combined with its freezing cold counter-part, the Cryo chamber, the coupling of which can trick the body into implementing the same responses it would if you were hot and sweaty then freezing cold.

On a recent visit to HEAT, unlike the unfortunate protagonist of Russell’s movie—who in a final experiment transforms into an amorphous mass of primordial matter—I wanted the slightly more economic version of an altered state, ie a more toned, svelte and glowing beach-ready body.  My mission was achieved, well almost, and I emerged rested, revitalised and ready to slip from the pod into an altogether more extreme version of reality that anyone could possibly imagine: Harvey Nichols on a Saturday.

HEAT by 111CRYO is available at Harvey Nichols
Photography Tom Andrew
Model Hannah Ekholm
Hair & skin temperature Yusuke Morioka
Photography Assistant Lucy Rooney
Hair assistant Mirai Uejo
Thank you to:
Camera Thermascan Limited
Hand printing & scanning : IMGN Studio