Fonteyn by IIUVO

According to Alhacen’s Theory of Visual Perception, “Darkness makes beauty appear, for the stars only appear in darkness.” Fonteyn by IIUVO is a perfume that dances with shadows.


“Fonteyn was initially inspired by the work of Stanley Kubrick. The way that someone can work in every single medium and incorporate something dark and beautiful. He had this ability to present something quite disturbing, borderline mental. But he presents it in such a beautiful, aesthetically amazing way… you’re just so intrigued, so fascinated. It’s a touch on the dark and the light, and we were going to go down the road of maybe lavender with liquorice to get the two aspects, the two polarising notes – dark and gummy with something pure and beautiful. Eventually, we went with rosemary and wormwood. I showed the perfumer this video of Margot Fonteyn. They were like, “Wow, that’s it. We get it, we understand it.” It’s a three-minute clip of her dancing to Nocturne by Frederick Ashton and she’s dancing amazingly, oblivious to this shadow that’s following her. Eventually, she’s so unaware that the shadow swallows her up.”

Available at Iiuvo.com