3D Imaging at Harrods

Ever since my eighteen-year-old self saw the iconic facelift scene in Terry Gilliam’s 1985 dystopian satire ‘Brazil’ I became obsessed by the notion that the future would render the physicality of aesthetic enhancement as mundane as a visit to the hairdressers. Thirty years later and Gilliam’s fantasy is now fact, albeit in a more sophisticated sense, and I, just like Brazil’s age-phobic Mrs. Lowry, am ferocious in my search for the latest methods to keep wrinkles and sag at bay.


Today I’m in the waiting room of The Harrods Wellness Clinic – a sleek Shangri-La of luxury cosmetic treatments contained within what feels like the result of the Giorgio Armani boutique on Via Monte Napoleone having 50-shades-of-beige sex with the First Class lounge of a high-end Middle Eastern airline.

I’m here for 3D Imaging – a process used to assess the facial contours in order to customise the individual needs of each patient prior to treatments – and am met by the devilishly handsome Dr. Costas Papageorgiou of the New York Dermatology Group whose razor sharp jawline appears as if it were chiselled by Brancusi. Mine, however, does not, and the 3D Image on screen (they use the same technology at Madame Tussaud’s) reveals the frightening and brutal realisation that I no longer posses the profile of Rob Lowe in St.Elmo’s Fire.

But Dr. P is calm, measured and reassuring as he enlightens me with the knowledge that in this rarefied world everything is fixable and along with my buried jaw why not also tackle my frown lines, Rosacea and under-eye bags whilst we’re about it? To say I’m up for it would be like stating, Gemma Collins wants another chocolate eclair. I leave the consultancy room giddy with exuberance, content with the fact that there are seemingly endless possibilities on offer at NYDG that will dispel my anxieties as fast as my drooping jowls. I am eighteen again.

Facial aesthetic consultation with 3D imaging and personalised treatment plan £195, New York Dermatology Group at The Harrods Wellness Clinic. Dr. Costas Papageorgiou, Medical Director of New York Dermatology Group at The Harrods Wellness Clinic.