Dr. Michael Prager's 'Urban Protect' Anti-pollution Skincare Range

Like the writer Hunter S. Thompson I am an addict. Known for his Gonzo journalism style in which the manic first-person subjectivity was often the result of sheer desperation as he faced looming deadlines, Thompson was also a lifelong black belt in the consumption of myriad narcotics. Unlike Hunter, however, my dependencies don’t spring from quaffing bags of mescaline, sheets of acid or pints of raw ether but from the insatiable desire to accumulate, display and slather myself in luxury beauty products.


In fact Thompson was to counterculture what I am to the beauty counter as you will often find me trawling the beauty halls for something ludicrously expensive to spritz, squeeze and buy.  You can therefore imagine my delight upon hearing that the notable medical aesthetician Dr. Michael Prager had recently launched Urban Protect an innovative curation of 6 new products. The range is the result of 5 years of research and has been devised especially for men and women who are urban dwellers as each product helps protect the skin from the harmful influence of city environments.  The formulas of each product contains optimum levels for maximum potency and (unlike Thompson’s penchants) are free from anything chemically harmful or artificial. Ingredients include powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C and gold particles: gold is said to stimulate cell turnover and is used in the Urban Protect Day Oil and Urban Protect Gold Detox facial (watch this space) which is available at Dr. Prager’s Beauchamp Place clinic.

The well-edited range includes a Foaming Cleanser, Antioxidant Serum, Day Oil, Day Moisturiser and Primer, Night Oil and Acid Peel Mask. When I bumped into him recently, at his über-chic Knightsbridge clinic, Dr. Prager specifically emphasised the benefits of using the antioxidant product as well as cackling openly about the products, from other brands, that I was currently using, “Oh, that doesn’t work!”  Believe me, in this world, Prager’s straight-up honesty is as welcome as a cool blast from the microdermabrasion pen.

What’s so great about these products? Well, aside from the fact that Dr. Prager has simplified my daily beauty regimen down to 6 bottles instead of 16—no mean feat— the range really does work, smells great, feels wonderful and, due to the spartan, super-cool, black and minimal packaging, looks extremely sexy in the bathroom cabinet.

Now, I need another bathroom cabinet like Heathrow needs a third runway but I’m unprepared to go cold turkey and give up my beauty product compulsions.  

For the time being my main fix is Urban Protect, however—sorry in advance Dr. Prager—I’m apt to stray at some point in the future. But, for the time being, I’m enjoying my Urban Protect high, unashamedly and with gusto—as Thompson once said, “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”

Available at Net-a-Porter and pragerskincare.com, priced from £60-£225