Chin Up

In a recent podcast the gallerist Sadie Coles discussed the necessity of the human need to articulate feelings about the world through culture. Indeed, never before has the desire to express ourselves felt more urgent as we become the curators of our everyday lives on the infinite galleries of social media—an often challenging arena where one of most curatable commodities has become physical appearance and, as cosmetology methods refine in their effectiveness, we are increasingly aware of myriad possibilities by which to reduce, enlarge, erase but, ultimately, to improve.


You may remember me discussing a previous visit to The Harrods Wellness Clinic and experiencing 3D Imaging—a process used to assess the facial contours in order to customise the individual needs of each patient prior to treatment.  Well, here I am again, in the ‘insured by Lloyds’ hands of Dr. Costas Papageorgiou of the New York Dermatology Group and I feel slightly like when Kim Novak spat the words, “Chin up, darling…both of them” she had had been referring exclusively to me and my own jowl flanked jawline.

Safely ensconced in Dr. P’s chic and state-of-the-art surgery the jaw enhancing procedure I am undertaking is fast and thrilling as you can see immediate improvement after each painless injection of the hyaluronic acid gel filler.  This procedure is stage 1 of the NYDG Tie Tuck Treatment, where different approaches and technologies are implemented in a step-by-step approach: fillers, Sculpsure (if there is fat), Ultherapy (for skin laxity) and more fillers if needed.

“I almost feel like lighting a post-coital cigarette when Dr. P is done and I’m virtually preening at my newly refined jawline like Adonis had just discovered a puddle.”

And then, to my delight, Dr P adds a cosmetic cherry on the cake by finishing with his signature Botox Eyebrow Lift.  I’m a Botox veteran but Dr. P’s is a soft and subtle approach as he avoids the forehead of male patients to prevent an obvious, shiny, tell-tale dome which is SO much better!  In the coming days and up to two weeks after treatment I notice a definite tightening of the jawline and a freshening around the eyes that makes waking up in the morning and dragging myself to Barry’s Bootcamp so much less of an ordeal.

But, as I left Harrods that day I am reminded that at Beauty Papers we have been preparing for the launch of issue #7, an abstract exploration on the subject of Glamour, and how we have realised that such allure is and never has been the sole reserve of feminine ideals.  In fact in our gender blind new world surely there is nothing more glamorous than a classically hewn jawline in the manner of Michelangelo?  For men this is a look that harks back to the sexually ambiguous matinée idol of Hollywood’s golden era, an age when, just like Coles and the artists she represents in her galleries today, people communicated through the medium of aesthetics—the difference in my case being the aesthetics just to happen to be medical, but Instagramable, and therefore there for whoever wants to look now, forever or at least until my next visit to Dr. P.

Jaw Enhancement with Hyaluronic Acid Gel Filler – Prices range £1,000- 2,000 per session  and Eyebrow Lift with Botox £600 at New York Dermatology Group at The Harrods Wellness Clinic
 Dr. Costas Papageorgiou, Medical Director of New York Dermatology Group at The Harrods Wellness Clinic