Beautiful Streets: Whitby Goth Weekend

Where do Goths go on holiday? Whitby of course. The Whitby Goth Weekend is a biannual festival held in the ‘home of Dracula’ attracting Goths, Punks, Emos, Bikers, and Metalheads. The subcultures flock to the seaside to take part in one of the biggest Gothic events around the world.

Photography DANNY LOWE



“This series of images focuses on a DIY spirit towards beauty, we were looking for hair styles that took hours, or that might have been done in the sink in two minutes. Make up that was drawn, brushed, powdered then glued or merely smudged on with fingers. There’s something really cool about the different attitudes towards expression of what it means to be goth, these images show some of the diverse faces we found.”



Whitby Goth Weekend Founded by Jo. Hampshire
Photography Danny Lowe
Styling and Words Alexandra Bickerdike