Anthony Preel for Issue Seven

What does the word glamour mean to you? “Something unreal as in a dream, untouchable and fascinating.” For Beauty Papers Issue Seven GLAMOUR makeup artist Anthony Preel collaborated with photographer Camille Vivier to celebrate Sophie, their bodybuilding muse.


BP: What was the last beautiful thing you saw?
AP: I think immediately to the buttocks of my boyfriend! But I have something more correct. I went to Lake Como to a mountain village for a shoot, and it was the weekend of the year when the Village people go out into the street for their traditional carnivals. They make their own masks and costumes and it was magical. We had shooters until sundown! Beautiful.

BP: What was the idea or the inspiration behind your shoot for Beauty Papers?
AP: Camille Vivier loves Sophie. She does bodybuilding competitions and her face and body are really her passion – she works hard! We wanted to show her true beauty without transforming it too much. I liked the idea of powerful woman like Barbarella from the movie.

BP: How did you approach the make-up?
AP: I did not want to work the skin too much, I worked mainly the mouth and the eyes.

BP: Tell us one of your favourite make up techniques.
AP: I use a lot of professional pallets and almost all creamy makeup. For skin, too, I mix very thick products that I dilute with dry oil.

BP: Current kit hero product?
AP: I love the lipsticks of Nars, especially the one I used on the photos. It’s a nude beige colour. Not easy to wear, but when it works with the skin it’s really fabulous!

BP: What is your favourite black?
AP: Inglot eyeliner pot. He’s holding all day .

BP: What is your favourite red?
AP: Rouge Dior 999.

BP: What does the word glamour mean to you?
AP: Something unreal as in a dream, untouchable and fascinating.

BP: What is your first memory of glamour?
AP: I went to China with a famous French actress last year for the Chinese Film Festival. I had to follow her everywhere! I found myself on the red carpet and full of international stars. It was really my glamorous moment!

BP: Living, dead, real or imaginary … who has the best make-up look? 
AP: Veruschka! I love her.


Issue Seven available here
Photography Camille Vivier
Stylist Lu Philippe Guilmette
Talent Sophie Rouget
Beauty Anthony Preel at Artlist
Hair Ramona Eschbach at Total world
Manicure Julie Villanova at Artlist
Photography Assistant Bertrand Jeannot
Stylist Assistant Louis-Alexis Demain
Film Edit Beauty Papers Creates Consults