Beauty Papers Art List

Beauty Papers Art List – curating a visual feast for your delight. 
Our first regular showcase for creatives from all over the world to show off and shout out. Begin the conversation at #beautyartculture

22 - 29 September

Photography Jeremie Monnier
Hair Gor Duryan
Make up Natsuki Oneyama
Talent Anna, Almamy, Yuri
Casting Aymeric

Photography Hugo Bouteyre
Make up Anga Vanga
Hair Clement Billon
Styling Maszia Oettgen
Talent Léa de Wouters
Producer Jordan Doucet

Photography Grace Difford
Make up Sunao Takahashi, Claire Urquhart
Hair Adam Garland, Tosh
Talent Lyra Westecott, Qun ye
Casting Abi Corbett

Photography Gustavo García-Villa
Hair, make up Daniel Avilán
Talent Sofia Nasuta
Casting Mariana Calleja
Floral Art Flores Cosmos

From ‘Malmö Raceway’
Tomas Hein

From ‘The Abysm’ ‘The Abysm’ – a body of work that explores mental health and loneliness.
Photography Gareth Phillips

Joanna Kudryńska

Khadisha Conteh

Photography Vivek Vadoliya
Stylist James Lalthanzuala
Make up Shivani Joshi
Talent Kunaal
Stylist’s assistant Ngaijodee Guite

Photography Julia Champeau
Make up Eny Whitehead, Celine Martin
Hair Andrea Idini
Talent Ali Ridgway, Tabitha Bennett
Casting Sebastien Hernandez Bertrand

Photography Kanto Kurosawa
Hair Minori Kato
Make up Haruka Kajita
Talent Ume

Photography Yuvali Theis
Hair, Make up Rebecca Muir
Styling Ellena Vukovic-Bryan
Talent Madlin

Photography Anna Semenova
Make up & hair Mary Noise
Talent Oleg Shevyakov

Photography Troy Covey
Make up William Murphy, Mariko Arai, Mariko Hirano
Hair Clara Leonard, Charles McNair
Talent Amberlie Greene, Ellie Christen, Sky Mejias, Natalie Johnson

Photography Michiyo Yanagihara
Make up Nao Yoshida
Hair Yuki Yanase
Styling Yuta Kotani
Talent Rin Aoki

Photography Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer
Styling Mimi Langenstein
Make up Julia
Talent Anu

Djeneba Aduayom

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