SUPA Dooper Boys

Charlie Clark-Perry has the best boys. He set up his all male agency in 2013. “Supa boys are modern day individuals that come from many backgrounds, representing the idea of masculinity today in a modern, chic way.” We present the fresh to death new faces of SUPA Model Management.

Photography JOHN WILLIAM

Beauty Papers: Who was the first ever model you saw and felt a connection with?
Charlie Clark-Perry: Larry Scott was my first favourite male model, and then I became obsessed with Patrick Petitijane in late 2000’s. 

BP: What was your first encounter with Fashion?
CCP: My mum was a model so I have been around it since I was a Kid. Also my mum used to go shopping frequently which I loved. 

BP: And so what was your route into the modelling biz?
CCP: I kind of fell into it by chance. I came back from doing seasons in Ibiza chalet hosting and I had no job. I ended up having an interview with an agency called Modelplan looking after glamour girls and 70 year old men for golf buggy catalogues! 

BP: Tell us about setting up SUPA?
CCP: I set my agency up with my family, they are the back bone of the company… especially my mum who has managed to keep me under control all this time without going bust. She’s really helped me build the business into what it is today, along with my team.

BP: What makes SUPA unique?
CCP: Our scouting, we have a  tailor made approach for each model taking into account there hobbies, likes, dislikes and also being aware of where society is at today and where it is going with current beauty standards.

BP: What are you looking for when you scout boys?
CCP: Something that no one has ever seen before, uniqueness. 

BP: How do you think the world of modelling has changed since you began working in it?
CCP: So much. The main things are race, culture, gender and social awareness. Things are becoming more inclusive which is how it should be. Models should reflect the world around us and so models have become a part of social activism for the younger generation.

BP: What do you think is beautiful?
CCP: As Margaret Wolfe Hungerford said ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Brothers Hugo and Edgar. Do you use any beauty products? Hugo: Just shampoo. Not even deodorant just water. Edgar: I use cocoa butter everywhere. With my hair I just wash and go. It does it’s own thing. Where do you like to go on a first date? Hugo: The movies. I love movies. Edgar: I don’t really date. Maybe Wetherspoons. Hugo wears Studio Face and Body Foundation in White by MAC and Cloud Paint in Haze by Glossier. Edgar wears Chromacake by MAC.

Jeremiah. What is your biggest hope for the future? Be happy and have a family. What are you obsessed with? Football. What position? Mid field or centre back. And what team do you support? A.C. Milan. Jeremiah wears Ultra Facial Moisturiser by Kiehl’s.

Jamie C. Do you use any beauty products? Nothing out the ordinary. What’s the worst thing about being a model? Short notice. Where would you dream shoot happen? Japan. What are you obsessed with? Basketball. Jamie C wears Aquacolor Interferenz in GB by Kryolan and Le Marc Lip Crème in Oh Miley by Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Ethan D. Who do you think is the most beautiful person in the world? I think the most beautiful person in the world is Jennifer Lawrence, even her personality is astonishing. I’ve had a crush on her ever since the first Hunger Game’s movie was released! What’s the best thing about being a model? The best thing about being a model is having the freedom to use your body to express yourself, instead of words which are restricting. Where would you dream shoot happen? My dream shoot would happen on top of a mountain… surrounded by only nature and stunning views. Ethan D wears Eye Kohl Intense in Onyx by Tom Ford and eyeshadow by Serge Lutens.

Ivan. What’s the worst thing about being a model? The worst thing about being a model is changing clothes when it is cold. Other than that everything else is fun. What are you obsessed with? I am obsessed with making people smile, myself included. Ivan wears Mascara Vinyl Couture in Im The Trouble by Yves Saint Laurent.

Billy. Do you use any beauty products? Before bed I use a weird green soap – Dermoviva Black Seed Soap, then I wash that off and use a Clinique face scrub. In the morning I shower with a liquid moisturiser and put Diprabase on my face. Who do you think is the most beautiful person in the world? David Beckham he’s pretty cool. Tom Hardy as well. What’s the best thing about being a model? Learning. All the different looks people go for. Exploring what people can do with your face. It never occurred to me somebody would put blue paint and gold glitter all over me for a magazine. Where do you like to go on a first date? Nandos. What are you obsessed with? Football. And clothes. Billy wears eyeshadow in Obsidian by Illamasqua and Glitter in Yellow Gold by MAC.


Photography John William
Beauty Polly Mercer
Models Hugo, Edgar, Jeremiah, Jamie C, Ethan D, Ivan and Billy at SUPA Model Management


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