Miss Dior, The Mistress of La Colle Noire

Dressed in a hand-crafted scent, Miss Dior is an ode to love. Just as Christian Dior had done for the young women of the New Look, François Demachy seeks to convey, with fragrance, the idea of a perfume that expresses a feeling of love. A fragrance that “smells” like love, for today’s women. More than ever before, he wanted to give it elements of a sassily elegant perfume, representing Dior femininity with a Couture soul – but a modern, rebellious, and elegant Couture.


For today, more than ever before, the Dior woman embodies a lively and confident mind, as well as beauty that likes to please but calls her own tune.

For these ardent women, tender of heart and eloquent of word, he has composed a tailor-made Wild Rose, cut like the most beautiful of dancing dresses. It is the silhouette of a spirited and modern Miss Dior.

Potent, lively and incisive, the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum is reinvented in a hand-crafted and sensual floral. For an active, and vivacious Miss Dior. With love, for love! Its construction sees the elaborate contours of a sensual and honeyed Grasse Rose embroidered with the sexy spirit of Turkish Damascus Rose.

Twirling ribbons of incisive fresh citrus notes sparkle in the shape of blood orange, mandarin, and Calabrian bergamot. This generous and ethereal Miss reveals her alluring curves, all in fine lace, topstitched with vivid and tempered pink peppercorn and Guyanese rosewood. From the moment it was created, Miss Dior was the fragrance of love, and a burst of life. This perfume was meant to embody the ideal of what a perfume should be: suggestive, mesmerizing, and sensual. It should lead to action, to a caress, and to love… Extremely elegant, Miss Dior has always been unintentionally attractive and seductive with subtlety. It is quite simply erotic, yet light and witty. Gracefully erotic with gentleness and delicacy.

"For a perfume to ‘take hold’ it first has to have taken hold in the hearts of those who created it" Christian Dior

When she appeared, Miss Dior was a veritable revolution. Born of Christian Dior’s passion for flowers, her roots lie in Provence, far from the capital. And yet, it was well and truly in paris that she made her sensational debut at the first house show, where she swept all preconceived ideas about perfume from her path. Different and surprising, Miss Dior was, indeed, immediately associated with the New Look. She was as revolutionary as the clothes, of which She was an intangible expression and fragrant emotion. And so Miss Dior imposed much more than the novelty of her floral accords, and her verdant, charming chypre. She was the perfume of love and took shape like a dream of triumphant femininity. By inventing the original and visionary concept of a couture perfume, Christian Dior established his wild dream of making women beautiful and happy – and beautiful because they were happy. “I wanted to create Miss Dior in order to see all my dresses emerge one by one, From the bottle, and to dress women in the scent of desire,” He claimed. Miss Dior, the revolution of love…

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