Etiquette of the Digital Age

Being part of Generation Z, today’s teenagers must learn the ins and outs of a new kind of etiquette. Instagram educates us in the vital practice of selfie taking.


Derek Zoolander’s famous pose, ‘Blue Steel’, has been restyled to fit the screens of our iPhones.The post-Instagram trend requires a practised hand and a penchant for finding the right light. If one does not arrange ones lips in the shape of a cat’s arse, for instance, then one has not fully accomplished a successful duck-face pose. The true experts in the business – the Kim Kardashians of the world – are mindful of their backdrop. Take any world heritage site, stand directly in front of it, and  add a location caption (in case said heritage site is completely obscured). Bam! You’ve not only got yourself 17 likes, you’ve also proven yourself a cultured, well-travelled, global ambassador with an ego to eclipse the pyramids. Besides, who really wants a photo of Machu Picchu when you could have a picture of just you? And who really cares for Niagara Falls when the Snapchat dog filter calls? I guess we’re less ‘I think, therefore I am’ and more ‘iPhone therefore we are’. We may not be sharp on our table manners, but us teenagers are practically professionals when it comes to the unspoken language of selfie etiquette.

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