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Challenging Etiquette

Sølve Sundsbø talks to Beauty Papers about the inspiration we find in the everyday, approaching life with optimism and an urge to create.

Photography ANNE VESAAS

Beauty Papers: Your work can be futuristic and hyper graphic. Where does this stem from?
Sølve Sundsbø: It’s funny, I always think of my work as very romantic. I can see why people identify my work with what you are saying, but I think that’s only an element of it.
I guess it’s an inherent optimism in futurism and an appreciation of simplicity in the graphic elements. But I think overall my work searches in different directions all the time. At least I hope so.

BP: Does technology inspire you?
SS: Everything inspires me: history, science, people laughing, a reflected traffic light, the wind in the trees, my children’s breathing as they are sleeping. I could go on…

BP: What is your favourite part of image making?
SS: The actual picture taking; the realisation of an idea.

BP: Who did you start out with and what are they doing now?
SS: I came to London in 1994 and met so many inspiring people. I absolutely loved it. I still work with so many of them and call them my friends.

BP: Are you cynical or optimistic?
SS: Optimistic.

BP: It sounds like you have a muse that keeps intriguing you, or compels you to create?
SS: I just have an urge to create.

BP: Did you go to college?
SS: First university, then college for a very short while, then I assisted.

BP: What did your mum and dad want you to be when you grew up?
SS: Happy.

BP: What drew you to London as opposed to Paris or New York?
SS: London has more tomorrows than Paris and more yesterdays than New York.

BP: Tell me one of your favourite pictures ever – one of yours or someone else’s?
SS: There are too many to mention. I am not very good at making lists.

What does etiquette mean to you?
SS: To me etiquette is something to challenge.

Images from Beauty Papers Issue Four Etiquette available here
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