P is for Plant

It’s all too easy to forget that it starts with plants. So when products choose to strip back to basics the benefits for our health, beauty and peace of mind are tenfold.


Aromatherapy is as ancient as civilisation itself. Homer ascribed divinity to aromatic botanicals, calling them the “ambrosial odour” of the Gods, whilst throughout history religions have used our most fragrant herbs to bring a heightened sense of tranquility and spirituality to places of worship.

And they’re as good for our souls as they are for our bodies. All essential oils are potently antiseptic due to their high volatile oil content, which also stimulates the production of infection fighting white blood-cells. More impressively essential oils have a direct impact on our limbic system, or what is commonly referred to as our “emotional brain”. Comprised of the hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala and limbic cortex, the limbic system controls everything from our instincts, memory and mood, which in turn impact the balance of our heart-rate, blood-pressure, stress and hormones. The effect on the limbic system is as varied as the herb itself. Spices such as cinnamon and cloves are warming and mildly stimulating, whereas floral aromatics ylang-ylang, patchouli and lavender are hormone balancing, uplifting and reviving. All help with a general sense of relaxation.

If you combine these immune-boosting oils with the skin-soothing herbs of marshmallow, St john’s wort and yarrow – such as the Susanne Kaufmann’s Witch Hazel Bath Oil does  – you have a tonic for the skin and the nervous system.
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