Pear Shaped

An obsession with Beauty Queen beginnings…


I remember my mother entering me into a Miss Pears completion for Pears soap when I was about 4 or 5 was the 1960’s. I didn’t win and my mum was suitably outraged, we kept buying the soap though and still buy it now.

Even though it has changed, causing controversy and more outrage in 2009 it is still very pleasing. Pears aficionados will note the beautiful the oval Amber block is smaller the fragrance is less subtle and it has been joined by siblings of various fragrance and character but the relationship one has with a soap goes deep and these evolutions are mere trifles along the way.

Pears, it smells kind of clean and wholesome, the colour is sublime and bar still satisfyingly substantial, something a liquid can never be. Manufacturers take note: just don’t mess with it too much.


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