L’Objet Parfumant

A true piece of olfactory art, Oeilleres L’Objet Parfumant by Roberto Greco is a limited edition of five hundred pieces. A “half-green, half-animalic anti-flower.” The scent was created in collaboration with French perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato; a doctor of chemistry specialising in perfume plants and various methods of extraction. The project consists of thirty-one images of flowers and bodies, accompanied by the scent. The perfume steers clear of jasmine and rose and instead looks to the idea of dried flowers and pollen, combined with resin and animalic notes to provoke a feeling of carnal, natural greenness.


Certain smells paralyse you in your tracks; the smell of OEillères is one. Neither floral nor animal, it misleads us, reflecting back to us the ephemera of our lives and feelings. Neither the medicinal smell of camphor, nor sweet camomile soothe our flurried senses. Only this odour of corruption envelops our senses; sacred incense is powerless to raise or purify our souls. We dither.

Photographs Roberto Greco

The treacherous smell of broom, which stays the relentlessly tempting of OEillères, flatters our instincts. At the mercy of our whims, it sketches the outline of our desires and wishes; we give ourselves up to them and fall, corrupted by illusory beauty. We fall. And this vertiginous fall is endless. Stroking a coveted skin evokes the sensual smell of cumin : we believe we can halt the descent. But it is inexorable, and the weary body, impregnated with the animality of excess, reminds us of this.

OEillères corrupt sublime beauty. And give us up to the vanity of our condition: broken puppets.

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