Guerlain Mitsouko

A sensual, complex fragrance, Mitsouko transports the wearer to the Japan of 1919. The earthy scent Guerlain described as “the imaginary scent of a woman’s skin” combines peach and black compost for an unexpectedly androgynous effect.


Dating back to a time when France was newly fascinated by Far Eastern culture, the fragrance is inspired by the heroine Mitsouko of the Claude Farrère novel ‘La Bataille’. This is the story of an impossible love between the wife of a Japanese admiral and a British officer. Our heroine’s name means ‘mystery’ and the fragrance represents her enigmatic character.

Housed in the same shaped bottle as the Guerlain’s ‘Heure Bleue’, the two fragrances are rumoured to represent the beginning (Heure Bleue) and end (Mitsouko) of World War One. A century on, and they’re still just as formidable. Top notes of rose, bergamot, citrus and jasmine are layered with ylang-ylang, peach, lilac, cinnamon amber and spices to create an elegant, velvety and completely original scent.



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