Gosha and the Scent of Youth

The debut fragrance from Gosha Rubchinsky, enfant terrible of streetwear, is much more delicate and feminine than the Russian designers runway collections might suggest. With top notes of angelica root and buchu and citrus heart notes of mandarin seed and chamomile, the fragrance is light and peppery with little hint of Gosha’s teenage sportswear obsessions. The base notes, however, give the game away with synthetic rubber scents coming from styrax and birch paired with woody tones from vetiver and patchouli.

In combination this evokes the inimitable smell of skateboard wheels burning up on the hot tarmac of a city street. This avant garde olfactory journey makes Gosha a fitting addition to the iconic Comme Des Garçons fragrance library. 

Available at doverstreetmarket.com


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