Diorshow On Stage Liner

Diorshow On Stage Liner are Christian Dior’s felt tips for the face. Fabulous for freehand flow, subtle scribbles or feline flicks sharp enough to cut glass.


Dior Makeup’s Peter Philips created the ultra-flexible felt tips for ease and precision, making it easier to recreate some of the dazzling catwalk looks at home. “I wanted to give women a tool that lets them be daring with colour, in an elegant way.” The liners are available in matte or vinyl shiny blacks, and a rainbow of chic brights.

Philips recommends using a Matte White liner to amplify the impact of your chosen colour. “First I apply white, and then, for example, I add yellow just above it. That makes the yellow look more radiant. Next to white, black also looks more intense. I can also draw very fine white lines that act like highlights, brightening the eye.”

Express your artistic side through beauty with Diorshow On Stage Liner.

Available at Dior

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