The Alex Box: LIVE!

Makeup artist Alex Box invites you behind behind the scenes of her sublime, strange, and always beautiful work. “The idea is to create. And I’m trying to create an environment you can immerse and lose yourself in.”

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“The whole reason of me doing these performances was to be able to invite people into a space that’s usually incredibly private. Usually, it’s just you and maybe the model or you and your canvas in a garret somewhere. I just felt very strongly that to be able to create an environment where you can bring people in to feel that energy, and be that close, and watch things developing in front of people. That I felt, would have a very resonant energy to open the ideas of creative flow in other people if they saw it unfurling in front of them.”

Alex Box promises an evening to remember on June 15th, when she will launch a series of international performances fusing music, makeup and untampered creativity.

“It’s funny because even though I am very exposed, I feel very free… and it feels a very natural place for me to be.”

The Alex Box – London Performance
June 15 at Rich Mix, London
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