A Family Album

Photographs from the archive of Signor Roberto Maffi

Courtesy of Paul Maffi

“ I got my dad Roberto a scanner last year. I wanted him to dig out some work and also wanted to have some of it published in a zine I was making this past summer.
He has thousands of slides in boxes at the house in Bergamo, Italy, where we grew up. Dad and my uncle Angelo shared a Minolta 35mm. This was around 1974. He mostly shot slide film and also black and white. He made a darkroom in the laundry room. I inherited both the camera and the darkroom.  I love his work. It is beautiful, a little romantic, emphatic and effortless. There is little or no irony in it. I love that. It has an incredible sense of place.  Photography was a hobby for him and so was flying. He never got to be a professional photographer or a full time pilot. That is because he was to busy with the business of growing me and my little brother Thomas up. (I think) I am a photographer now and my little brother is definitely a pilot. It’s great that through me and my brother he realized his dreams ( also his nightmares ). Beauty Papers publishing his work alongside a portfolio by Elliott Erwitt was a very special gift for all of us. I’m now back at 3 stars rating in the family. He made it clear he’s retired and does not want any work and my mum says success has already gone to his head. Also he’s still very much alive not sure if this reads a bit like an obituary.Thank you Beauty papers. You are a special lot.”

Paul Maffi x

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